Signing up for a Friends of the Auberry Library membership is fast and easy! You can join at one of the following annual membership levels.

  • Student (grades 6-12)  - $5
  • Individual - $15
  • Family - $25
  • Sustaining - $50
  • Premier - $100
  • Benefactor - $250
  • Visionary - $500


FOAL is a 501(c)-3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. All donations made to FOAL are tax-deductible.
Upon request FOAL will provide you with a receipt for your tax purposes.

Please specify amount

FOAL also accepts "like new" and gently used books, CDs, DVDs, computer games and videos. We sell these items at our books sales and on Amazon.


We are always in need of volunteers.

FOAL volunteers are the mainstay of our organization and their work has made FOAL what it is today.  Here are a few numerical facts relative to our volunteers:

Of the 268 current FOAL members, 57 are active volunteers. This is up 25% from the previous year.

There were 3,440 volunteer hours worked this last year. This is an increase of 50% over the previous year.

Our largest annual fund raisers all depend on volunteers to make them happen. In all, FOAL volunteers made it possible for us to raise $16,500 in 2011.

  • Amazon book sales - $8,000. This was a 300% growth in sales compared to the year before!         
  • Mar Val receipts - $2,000.
  • 3rd annual Friend-Raiser Dinner - $2,700.
  • Intermountain Nursery Harvest Festival booth - $1,300.
  • Spring and Fall Book sales and the sale of books in the FOAL book store, “The Book Vault,” located in the Auberry Library - $2,500.

All of this funding helped pay for the many programs we offer our local community.

If you wish to be an active member of FOAL, you can help with one or more of the following areas.

  • Book Sales
  • Special Events/Library Programs
  • Bake Sales
  • Refreshments/Hospitality
  • Volunteering at the library
  • Participate on a committee       
  • Specialized skill/Other                                                  

Please Contact Us to sign up!